Masterworks of
American Craft

Font in use: Grand Slang

Design by: Ellen Winston, Jennifer Mahanay

Location: Chicago and New York, USA

Words by: Nikolas Wrobel

Masterworks of American Craft is the first co-branded Rago/Wright auction, combining their expertise and audience to present more than 100 years of extraordinary craftsmanship.

The catalogue, designed and art directed by Ellen Winston and Jennifer Mahanay from Wright, features premier works by George Nakashima, Paul Evans, and John Risley, alongside significant and unique sculptures by Robert Arneson, Harry Bertoia, Viola Frey, and Peter Voulkos. Masterworks of American Craft achieved a sales total of $1,436,345 on Nov. 22 2019.

To reflect the fine craftsmanship in this sale, great care and thoughtfulness was put into the typography selected for it. Grand Slang from Nikolas Type perfectly fit this auction’s identity. Inspired by mid-century American calligraphy, the letterforms merge grotesques with serifs and contribute to the catalog’s sleek aesthetic. Scholarly texts and artist quotes also appear in the layouts alongside the lots in addition to sexy details.

Grand Slang is a hit.

Ellen Winston, Wright Auctions, Chicago, USA