Pritika Swarup
Prakti Beauty

Font in use: Grand Slang

Design by: Pritika Swarup

Location: New York, USA

Words by: Nikolas Wrobel

Created by by Pritika Swarup, Prakti fuses the cultural richness, rituals, and spirituality of India with the contemporary energy and technologies of the West to create a first-of-its-kind hybrid beauty brand.

The products reimagine traditional ingredients from Indian remedies and the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, harnessing their power through technological innovation to enhance the sensory experience of every product.

I feel so honored to be part of a new generation of women who are redefining their place in the world, and to make products that give them the confidence to find their fearless.

Prakti uses Grand Slang by Nikolas Type for the logo, paired with Jonny Pinhorn’s geometric sans Poppins for all other usages across all media.