End User License Agreement (EULA)



By purchasing, downloading, installing, using and handling Nikolas Type fonts (font software) you accept the terms of this agreement. The purchase of a font makes the buyer a licensed user of the fonts, never an owner. Purchased fonts will always remain copyrighted to Nikolas Type. The Number of your Purchased Licenses can only be used within your Company and cannot be transferred. You are not authorized to sublicense, sell, lend or lease the font software. The use of Nikolas Type fonts in any racist, discriminatory or inhumane context as well as the usage on weapons is strictly prohibited.


Font modifications

It is expressly prohibited to modify Nikolas Type Lettershapes, Glyphs and Material by disassembling, decompiling, extracting, altering, merging it, or similar to create a new appearance, others than the clean, original state of the font itself. You may not convert, modify or rename the original font under any circumstance. You must contact us to discuss any modifications as a bespoke, custom project, which will in any case require a custom license.



1. It is expressly prohibited to use the fonts to promote violence, racism or any form of discrimination. 2. Using the font in a political context requires our permission
. 3. You are not allowed to open the font in font-software and or convert the fonts to different formats, or to modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the fonts
, or make new fonts based on the design that’s in the fonts
, or personalize font names


Typeface Credits and Fonts In Use

Using Nikolas Type Fonts, you agree on doing your best effort to credit Nikolas Type in conformity with lntellectual Property Conventions by indicating the font and foundry name in the (website's) colophon and/or any place where general credits appear. For example: Font: „Grand Slang by Nikolas Type“


Digital Usage

You are entitled to embed the licensed font software in a secured read-only mode, you shall secure embedded documents against unauthorized use by any third party. You are not authorized to embed the licensed font software for the purpose of allowing third parties to create new documents or designs. Online Technologies other than @font-face are not allowed. The use of third party font hosting services is strictly prohibited. The fonts have to be stored on the same server as the other softwares and assets associated with the licensed domain.

You are not entitled to embed the fonts in a way that end users can access them, put the fonts on public servers
 or to put the fonts in public repositories or similar.



Nikolas Type produces its fonts at its highest standards possible. If you do experience any difficulties with our fonts, we will work with you to resolve any issues; however, we do not take on any liability in this transaction. All font softwares are installed at owners' own risk. Nikolas Type will not be held responsible should any issue arise.


Licensee Registration

You are allowed to buy font softwares from us on behalf of your client, but your client must be registered as the Licensee during the checkout process. You have to provide your client with a copy of the End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA has to be accepted by the client before proceeding with purchase.



Any breach of the above stated terms will cause license termination. We will pursue with legal action if you are found to be using our fonts illegally.


Enjoy the fonts

Have lots of Fun using Nikolas Type fonts. Feel free to send us your output anytime!



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We do not collect any identifiable information about you if you only browse the Site. We respect any information you supply as private and confidential. All information provided to us through phone and email contact and/or font license purchases through the SSL encrypted Site is used solely for the purpose of staying in touch with you and shopping on the Site. We do not provide any information of our customers to third parties

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