Font in use: Grand Slang

Design by: Indego Design

Location: Macao 澳門, China

Words by: Nikolas Wrobel

This mooncake packaging project for the Macau based Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a brand new attempt for the next generation market. Indego designer Kun Lam opted for “Far side of the moon – 月球的另一面” as the design concept and tailor-made packaging including mooncakes, the iconic paper fan of Mandarin Oriental, and a reusable tote bag.

The far side of the moon is the side that always faces away from the Earth. As it cannot be seen by the naked eye, humans are curious about this unknown hemisphere of the moon. Mandarin Oriental was known to be luxurious and rich in oriental culture, but this far side of the moon mooncake packaging brings people to the unknown side of the brand – young, bold, and interesting, luxurious but trendy with the continuation of oriental culture. The “Far side of the moon” project intends to to explore and discover the non-traditional side of Mandarin Oriental infusing new vitality.

Typographically transported by Nikolas Type’s Grand Slang, mixed in the Roman and Italic styles and conveyed by Aeonikfrom CoType for the body text, Indego carried out bold creations to take over the public’s traditional impression of the brand.

Grand Slang has a very unique shape and beautiful balance!

Kun Lam, Creative Director — Indego Macao